Adhesives & Sealants

Walls without a single nail pop, seamless subfloors that never curl or creak, flawless mouldings free of holes, and veneers that look and feel solid: They’re just a few examples of what quality adhesives properly applied can accomplish, and they’re just a few reasons why Premier Building Supply stocks only the best adhesives on the market.

Simply put, nothing else will do.

No other adhesives will do because you don’t have time for callbacks, and you can’t afford slip-ups that are layers deep. Your work depends on bonds that hold regardless of Kansas City’s extremes of heat and cold, freeze-thaw contraction and expansion, high winds, storms and humidity. You need the best.

Superior Construction Adhesives

That’s exactly what we stock at Premier Building Supply—superior construction adhesives like OSI, a brand “designed by pros for pros.” Its manufacturers understand the building process and have designed the adhesive exactly the way they wanted and you needed for the job—step by step, material by material, building condition by building condition:

  • OSI’s SF450 series for glued subfloor systems comes in three formulations:
    • OSI SF450 Original is a heavy-duty all-weather adhesive that remains gunable even in cold temperatures.
    • OSI SF450 Interior/Exterior is a heavy-duty latex that bonds even to wet, frozen or treated lumber yet has a broad temperature performance range, gunable from 20 degrees to 120.
    • OSI SF450+ or PU is a heavy-duty polyurethane that, like the latex version, bonds even to wet, frozen or treated lumber but offers double the strength. The just-right nozzle trim can double your distance, and once SF450+ cures, only mechanical means can remove it.

Of course, we also stock all of the caulks, silicones and other sealants that you need for installing windows and doors, for example, filling gaps and seams, and finishing mouldings and weather-stripping—making what you build energy-efficient, built to last, and beautifully and professionally finished.

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At Premier Building Supply, when it comes to adhesives, you don’t have to guess. After all, you’re buying by the caseload—sometimes the truckload. Visit us at our full-service lumberyard and building component manufacturing facility in Spring Hill. Tell us what you’re building in the Kansas City metro area, and our experienced professionals will help you determine the right formulation for every stage of your project or job.