Interior Trim & Mouldings

Finishing a home’s exterior can consume thousands of feet of mouldings, millwork and trim—as many as the interior—and it all has to match perfectly. It’s a to-do list packed with unwritten little details that can be easy to overlook or be more complex or hard to find than they seem.

However, mouldings, trim and millwork are what give a home unmistakable architectural character. Exterior trim may start with basic standards like fascia and soffit, but finishing touches like mouldings and millwork for windows and doors, porch posts and railings, and a home’s other distinctive architectural elements are what can set one signature home apart from the rest.

What We Offer

At Premier Building Supply, we understand that little things taken together are often what make big statements. So, we offer all of the mouldings, trim, headers, keystones, caps, corbels, blocks, brackets, vents, louvers, gingerbread trims, appliques, post wraps, columns and other  millwork that can turn each feature, gap, joint, space or edge into something special and memorable.

Unlimited Design Options

Today, top trim and millwork manufacturers make finishing a stylish home’s exterior easier than ever with low-maintenance trims and custom-look millwork trim kits in a wide variety of colors and applications.

  • Add window headers with keystones, mouldings or end caps for historical accuracy or a hint of luxury.
  • Opt for a door surround kit that makes a doorway more than just an entryway. Kits come with pilasters, bottom corners and transition tops ready for the perfect header combination to complete the effect.
  • Make garage doors architectural assets to be admired with a door pilaster kit paired with the perfectly sized extra-long header.
  • Incorporate dentil trim—square or scalloped—for a richer look with more interest, definition and depth.
  • Wrap posts or columns in low-maintenance composites that stand up to weather but look like real wood or plaster.
  • Ensure tasteful continuity in appearance with matching mounting blocks for mechanical systems and fixtures as well as matching utility vents and ventilation units.

Create a statement with purely decorative trims, columns, posts or railings, or let the simple pairing of shutters give a traditional sense of home. Choose what you need to support your architectural style inside and out.

Custom Work

Of course, some installations will always require custom work, and Premier Building Supply can help with those special cases too. Thanks to our in-house millwork capabilities, our skilled craftspeople can always create a special header for windows, design a custom trim assembly to complete a doorway surround, or mill piecework to highlight or even create a distinctive architectural feature or focal point.

Visit Us Today

Come visit us in Spring Hill and see for yourself just how many options you have to choose from with Premier Building Supply. We serve the entire metropolitan Kansas City area, Kansas and Missouri. Visit us at our lumberyard and let us give you a quote for both the job you’re working now and the ones to come. Whether you’re installing bulk trim kits by the pack or looking for a one-of-a-kind exterior finishing solution, we’ll make sure you have exactly what you need.

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