Building with Prefabricated Wood Trusses: The Benefits

Prefabricated Wood Trusses


When doing any project, every builder values quality and efficiency—especially with a build involving roof or floor truss.

Wood trusses might seem old-fashioned since they’ve been around since the Middle Ages, but it seems as though they’re here to stay. Prefabricated wood trusses continue to rise in popularity, making up most of the residential roofs in the country today.

So why are prefabricated wood trusses taking over the building industry? Why use an engineered truss system? Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of using prefabricated wood trusses and why you should use them for your project.




Put simply, a truss is a framework that supports a roof or floor assembled in a factory with pre-engineered joints and structures. Prefabricated roof and floor trusses can not only span a longer distance than dimensional lumber, but they also allow for built-in openings to eliminate errors and decrease framing time. If you’re looking for a quick cost-effective job, trusses are the way to go.


Cost Effective


Since the costs for prefabricated truss is known in advance, you can eliminate precious time and guesswork typically involved in other framing methods. With prefabricated wood trusses you won’t have to worry about pilferage or jobsite material losses making a dent in your wallet—prefabricated truss is engineered specifically for your job and your budget. 




Wood trusses have a long-established reputation of being reliable—accurate fabrication specific to your project makes for the following benefits:

  • Heat and electrical conduction. Metal structures can easily collapse after 40-50 minutes of burning— wood is naturally resistant to electrical conduction, lending to a more structurally sound building in the case of a fire.
  • Durability. Wood constantly outperforms steel by supporting its own weight, meaning a more structurally sound building with less supports.

Each prefabricated truss system is designed and approved by licensed engineers to ensure structural quality and durability, something you can only find with prefabricated trusses.




Prefabricated wood trusses work well with other structural products, making it easy to link them to other trusses or combined with components such as steel beams or glued laminated timber. Prefabricated truss systems provide more design flexibility, offering various design options in almost any shape and size.


Choose Quality and Efficiency at Premier Building Supply


Using prefabricated wood trusses for floors and roofs has become an industry tradition over the years, and it’s likely to continue. Between durability, cost and time effectiveness, and versatility, prefabricated truss systems are the smart solution for builders.

At Premier Building Supply, our team is familiar of the common frustrations of building—we want to help you minimize cost and labor while maximizing on your time and dollars. We build prefabricated truss systems designed to fit your exact specifications so that you can build your project quickly and accurately. Give us a call today or request a quote to learn more about the prefabricated roof and floor trusses we can provide for your project.