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Whether you’re cladding one home, a dozen or an entire complex, let Premier Building Supply match your project with a premium siding that will define its architectural style and give its aesthetics character.

Opt for a cost-effective standalone exterior cladding solution or use siding selectively to accent structural features or establish connectivity throughout a division. Many brands of exterior siding allow for extensive custom color schemes and architectural applications, complementing stone, brick, stucco and more, and they come in a variety of materials suited to fit any construction budget—wood, vinyl, aluminum, cedar, wood composites and fiber cement, for example.

At Premier Building Supply, we carry all of the exterior cladding that you might need and two of the most versatile brands -LP SmartSide and James Hardie.

LP Smartside

LP SmartSide has developed a SmartGuard process to manufacture wood composite siding that will stand up to weather, time and impacts like hail yet remain beautiful. It comes in five different profiles of lap siding, vertical panels, shingles and shakes, trim, fascia and soffit.

Each piece of LP SmartSide siding is engineered for performance and durability. Wood strand fibers are coated in wax resin and zinc borate for resistance to moisture and pests. Compressed with a water-resistant resin overlay and embossed with wood-grain texture, the resulting boards are lightweight, come in 16-foot lengths, and cut and install just like real wood. LP’s siding comes primed and can be painted any color—just like real wood. With a 5/50 warranty, LP SmartSide offers one of the best guarantees in the industry.

James Hardie

James Hardie continues to refine and perfect its fiber cement products. Formed from wood fiber coated in a proprietary mix of cement, HardiePlank is noted for its resistance to pests, fire, moisture, rot and weather—particularly wind. Boards are formed to look like wood and hardened under a high-pressure baking process. The result is a complete line of various widths and patterns of planks, panels, shingles, trim and soffit as well as backer board and weather barrier.

James Hardie has even introduced an Aspyre collection featuring Artisan siding and Reveal panels that allow for uniquely modern applications. James Hardie offers 15 shades of baked-on ColorPlus Technology color and more than 700 choices from its custom-order Dream Collection. Because of its composition, James Hardie products require professional installation and tools appropriate for masonry.

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