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Double-hung or casement, floor-to-ceiling or palladian, bay or garden, new construction or replacement, windows that are well-constructed, professionally installed and energy-efficient are one of the most valued features of a home.

In the Kansas City area,  windows need to be able to withstand the searing heat and humidity of summer as well as the freezing temperatures of winter—not to mention the extreme winds, storms and possible impacts in between—all while helping to keep a home at the perfect, desired temperature.

Not just any window will do…

Quality builders know it, and so do prospective homeowners.

That’s why Premier Building Supply works with top window manufacturers like Ply Gem and Sierra Pacific to ensure that our customers have access to the quality and quantity of windows you want and need for your projects. With names like Ply Gem and Sierra Pacific, you can be confident that you’re using premium products from leading manufacturers who have mastered their craft. Choose from window materials like vinyl, aluminum, aluminum-clad, wood, or wood composites designed to withstand weather and rot. You’ll find a color and stain for every application—interior and exterior. Installation is easy, and exterior maintenance is at an all-time low.

Check out the latest innovations in performance glass, like low-e reflective glazings that keep light and heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer and other evolving window technologies that can protect against UV rays, block sound transmission, control privacy and even withstand impacts. See why nonmetal spacers between panes of glass really do make a difference, or let us help you design a little something special in fenestration that you can incorporate into each project.

Visit Our Window & Door Showroom

With Premier Building Supply, you can be proud of the windows you build with. To see for yourself, visit our window and door showroom at our facility in Spring Hill, just southwest of Kansas City. You’ll find our full-service lumberyard, building component manufacturing facility and all of the construction materials you’re looking for as well as experienced experts who can give you the right quote for the job and meet delivery dates that will keep you building. At Premier Building Supply, we’re here to make our windows your construction asset, project after project.

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