At Premier Building Supply, we want to be known for more than our structural component products. We are also a full-line lumber yard with a wide variety of products. From framing lumber to cedar and beyond, our selection coupled with our team of experienced professionals makes Premier an excellent choice to serve your lumber needs. Need help? Fill out our Lumber Request Form to be contacted by a Premier team member for assistance.



  • SPF wood has a high strength-to-weight ratio, small knots, dimensional stability, and superior gluing properties.
  • SPF wood is used for framing single and multi-family home construction, commercial construction, crating and packaging, and furniture framing.
  • It takes paint easily, holds nails well, and meets building code requirements for fire safety, strength, and sound transmission.
  • SPF #2, #3, economy, and stud grade lumber are used in most new construction/homebuilding projects.
  • SPF MSR (Machine Stress Rated) lumber is used for trusses and other structural engineering


Douglas Fir

  • Douglas Fir is the first choice for structural lumber because it is dimensionally stable, has a high strength-to-weight ratio, and is strong against natural forces.
  • Douglas Fir is ideal for residential, light commercial, multi-story, and industrial construction.
  • It is also tight knotted and close grained, making it both beautiful and structurally sound.
  • Premier offers Douglas Fir in a variety of grades and dimensions, so it can be used for a variety of applications.


Hemlock Fir

  • Hem-Fir is a durable, treatable, and versatile wood option.
  • It is a good choice for decorative outdoor projects and deck design. It can also be used in the interior of your home, such as framing and trim work around doors and windows.
  • It has fine-grained and even textured lumber with a number of knots, rings, and springs. It is quite soft, making it easy to work with.
  • It is lightly colored, ranging between white and light straw color.
  • Hem-Fir is a good value for the price and is available in a variety of grades and dimensions.


Southern Yellow Pine

  • Southern Yellow Pine is a great choice for framing your next home or designing an outdoor living space.
  • SYP is used in many structural applications in residential construction, such as joists, rafters, roof trusses, and laminated beams. It is also increasingly being used for industrial applications, such as pallets and specialty crating.
  • SYP is a preferred choice for treated wood applications and outdoor living uses, such as wooden decks, patios, and other outdoor construction.
  • With such a wide variety of uses, SYP is a smart, adaptable choice for your next project.



  • Cedar is a softwood that is naturally rot-resistant and, because of its fragrance, insect-resistant.
  • Versatile and affordable, cedar wood is a good choice for a variety of outdoor applications, such as decks, siding, and fencing. It is also commonly used for numerous indoor projects as well, such as furniture and cabinets.
  • There are many different species of cedar, but the most common ones used for lumber are western red cedar, eastern red cedar, and cedar elm. Premier Building Supply will gladly help you choose which species is right for your specific project.


Delivery Services

We offer lumber delivery services to both commercial and residential customers in the greater Kansas City area. With our team of experienced and professional delivery drivers, you can rest assured knowing your lumber delivery will be fulfilled with the utmost care. From urgent next-day orders to scheduled deliveries you can count on, we’ll get you the lumber you need, when you need it.



As a major lumber supplier, Premier Building Supply is proudly committed to using only sustainably procured lumber. We believe that it is important to protect our forests and ensure that they are managed in a sustainable way for future generations. That’s why we only source our lumber from certified sustainable forests that are managed in a way that protects the environment and the communities that depend on them. They are not clear-cut, and they leave enough trees standing to ensure that the forest can regenerate naturally – protecting wildlife habitat and water quality. We are proud to do our part to protect our forests and ensure that they are managed in a sustainable way.