Why Manufactured Components

At Premier Building Supply, we believe in building for the future and investing in technology and machinery to provide innovative and competitive solutions for Kansas City builders. We believe that precision crafted manufactured components are the future of home building.

We have an appreciation for the history of and the skills required for the traditional stick-building method of framing. And, we’re more than happy to provide lumber for your build if stick-building is your preferred method of framing. However, as the building industry evolves, and the need for budget, time, and labor savings are increasingly demanded by the market, there is a more efficient option for framing. Premier Building Supply is ready to provide these benefits through manufactured components should you be interested in making the switch.

We construct quality structural components using cutting edge technology and equipment to give our customers more completed buildings, better and faster, all while consciously striving to decrease environmental impact by reducing material waste. We design our components utilizing 3-D design software to make precise cuts with automated saws for flawless connections and maximized structural integrity.

Our experienced team of carpenters build the roof trusses, floor trusses, and wall panels onsite at our Spring Hill, KS facility to your exact specifications. All finished components are clearly labeled, packaged, and delivered on-time to the jobsite ready for installation. Our manufactured components result in a faster build for commercial and residential builders.



Manufactured components’ precision design and manufacturing is a building process that is better, faster, safer, and more environmentally friendly. At Premier Building Supply, we believe faster builds are a solution to operational challenges from labor to increased cycle times.


A white clock on a navy blue background representing the timeliness of using manufactured components FASTER 

With manufactured components, your trusses and wall panels arrive ready for installation, allowing your framers to be more efficient, and allowing you to build more homes and turn projects around faster and more reliably. This reduction in framing time increases productivity, improving your bottom line.

  • Our streamlined process includes a team of experts identifying potential issues before they become problems to reduce costly jobsite errors.
  • Precision cutting means less jobsite measurement and cutting errors leading to less material waste. More efficient use of materials adds more to your bottom line.
  • Improved project management of the building life cycle adds predictability to component delivery and installation, allowing for better management of production and build schedules.
  • Your custom order arrives to your jobsite bundled, labeled, and ready for installation.


A white safety vest on a bright orange background representing the increased safety of using manufactured components SAFER

Workplace safety is our priority, not only for our own employees, but for our partners as well. With manufactured components, the safety benefits are two-fold:

  1. We have strict, measurable safety standards in place for our production lines and conduct continual onsite safety training and inspections. Our manufactured components are labeled for easy visibility for loading and unloading on delivery trucks and jobsites.

  2. Onsite assembly at our facility employs the use of cranes, reducing the number of workers at potentially hazardous heights. Safer production, delivery, and installation equates to fewer workers compensation claims and lower insurance costs.


A white leaf on a bright green background representing the "greenness" or positive environmental impact of using manufactured components GREENER

Building lasting and genuine partnerships is what drives Premier Building Supply, but we are also leaders in providing solutions for greener sustainable building. With increasing public interest in environmental preservation and sustainability, this added benefit of manufactured components is a selling point your homebuyers will appreciate.

  • Stick framing requires 25% more wood products than framing with structural components. Less material waste results in less environmental strain to produce forestry products.
  • Stick framing a house generates 30 times more jobsite waste than framing a house with structural components, resulting in less unusable materials in landfills.
  • Precision cutting equals precision joints, improving the overall building envelope, and helping deliver a home with more efficient heating and cooling.


A white check mark on a purple background representing the overall improvement of processes when using manufactured components BETTER

At Premier Building Supply, we offer solutions for our partners. Not only are manufactured components faster, safer, and greener – they are all-around better.

  • Our team uses 3D-modeling during the planning phase to ensure our top-of-the-line automated machinery cuts with greater precision and accuracy versus hand-cutting.
  • Precision cuts means joints fits together perfectly, allowing for a reduction in tolerances compared to stick-built homes, resulting in an end product that is more structurally sound and stronger.

Building in the Kansas City metro and surrounding areas has its weather challenges. Thankfully, homes built with manufactured components are constructed faster, reducing the risk of delays due to unanticipated weather. Not to mention, there are inherent advantages in reducing the timespan your components are exposed to the elements. All of these benefits have a positive impact on your bottom line.

We will always continually strive to not only offer building solutions that are better, but also help our partners build faster, safer, and greener homes that positively impact the communities we live for future generations.

Collaborate with our team at Premier Building Supply to learn more about manufactured components and how we can supply your next building project.