Wall Panels

Building with prefabricated wall panels can save you time, money, materials and labor. When panels—entire walls—are precision manufactured for unparalleled quality and accuracy, you can build a home or structure even better than you could have stick-built. In short, it’s a cleaner, more efficient way of custom building.

Experienced Team and High Tech Machinery

We believe that so solidly here at Premier Building Supply that we’ve invested heavily in the skilled carpenters, craftspeople, designers, equipment, and computerized software  to become one of the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of prefab wall panels for the residential and commercial construction market in the Kansas City metro area, encompassing both Kansas and Missouri.

At our in-house manufacturing facility, we design and build each of our wall panels to your blueprint’s exact specifications, complete with headers, studs, window and door openings, and any other needed framing accommodations. Each board used is selected to spec and precision-cut to the dictated lengths the same way in a controlled environment with high-end, automated equipment meant for the job. Each measurement is calibrated the same way. Each panel is assembled on a level, flat surface, perfectly built to measure and design. And, each component is clearly numbered and labeled for quick, easy, flawless installation at your work site.

Complete wall panels arrive ordered for sequential placement and installation, typically reducing week-long framing timelines to a day with a consistency and efficiency nearly impossible to duplicate with onsite stick-built framing.

Advantages of Our Wall Panels

The benefits to you are undeniable. Since panels arrive preassembled when you’re ready for them, exposure to weather becomes less of an issue, as does work site waste, thefts of building materials, onsite framing mistakes, multiple supply deliveries, misused resources, inclement weather and the limited availability of skilled labor. We take full responsibility for manufacturing your projects’ interior and exterior walls to spec on deadline with the correct quality materials. All your work force has to do is install them to code.

Spend more time building more of what matters. Take your framing process to the next level with consistency and precision building that arrives installation-ready, neat and clean, accurate down to the last 2×4. Visit us, and meet the experienced building professionals who can help you build quicker, smarter, with less waste and more value, in Spring Hill at Premier Building Supply.