Builder’s Hardware

Premier Builders Supply is your one-stop builder’s hardware supply in the Kansas City area. We know builder’s hardware covers a lot of territory and construction square footage. But, we also understand just how many neatly crafted hangers, handles, hinges, pivots, pulls, switch plates, kick plates, locks, latches, catches, straps, bars, brackets, fasteners, tie-downs, connectors, anchors and other purpose-built devices it takes to not only assemble a building but also ensure that all its doors, windows and other features will perform safely and efficiently. The hardware that you depend on has to have strength that will last, perform to code, and maintain its integrity and appearance while doing so.

Trusted Brands

Meanwhile, technology and expectations are constantly evolving, raising the hardware bar and improving how we build. That’s why we partner with industry leaders like Simpson Strong-Tie and USP—manufacturers guaranteed to bring you the latest, strongest and most durable hardware products available for the residential—and often even commercial—contracting market.

Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie founds all of its product lines on its dedication to “Building Strong” and solving problems. As a result, Simpson is a go-to manufacturer and supplier of connectors for wood and cold-formed steel construction; fastening systems like Strong-Drive, Quik Drive, Deck Drive, Quik Stik and stainless steel fasteners; lateral systems like Strong Frame Moment Frames, Strong Wall Shearwalls and Strong-Rod systems; the Yield-Link structural steel connection; anchoring systems; and protection and strengthening systems.

MiTek logo

USP Structural Connectors

USP Structural Connectors is a MiTek USA brand known for its innovations and custom applications for engineered structural connectors like angles and straps, caps and bases, concrete and masonry connectors, corrosion-resistant deck and fence fasteners, EWP hangers, hold-downs, beam connectors, truss plates, solid sawn hangers, and truss and rafter tie-downs.

Those are just two of our construction material supply partners, and we maintain working relationships with many more. We can supply all of the builder’s hardware you need to raise a roof from the ground up.

We Are Here To Help

Do you build with solid-sawn dimensional lumber like SPF (spruce, pine and fir)? Do you prefer the added strength of EWP—engineered wood products? Are you using LVL (laminated veneer lumber), PSL (parallel-strand lumber) or LSL (laminated strand lumber)? Or, are you building with steel? What are the dimensions of the lumber you’re using, and what do you need load capacities for the applications to be to meet code?

In short, what will you need to fasten your framing lumber and engineered building components into place to ensure they remain strong?  It sounds simple, but the loads and varying applications involved mean that ensuring that you have sufficient quantities of the proper hangers for each piece of lumber that you need to install for a job—or series of jobs—can rapidly turn into a technical and logistical challenge. Add building codes and Kansas City weather, and you know that with building hangers, there are no substitutes or compromises. Our knowledgeable team can help make the selection of hangers easier for you.

Premier Building Supply will help you with all of those answers as well as help our customers and contractors select the right hangers for the job—not only the right sizes and strengths but also the proper types and configurations in sufficient quantities. We understand that running out of the hardware that you need mid-job simply isn’t an option.

At Premier Building Supply, we carry your must-have hangers in bulk from top-of-the-line manufacturers like Simpson Strong-Tie—a name you can trust for all of the standard face-mounting single joist or beam hangers, double-shear joist hangers, inverted flange double joist hangers, top flange joist hangers, slopable/skewable rafter hangers, adjustable jack hangers, panelized construction hangers, fire wall hangers, drywall hangers, and beam and purlin top-flange hangers, for example, that you’ll ever need. They’re engineered specifically for the job they need to do, and they’re manufactured to last.

Visit Us

Visit our full-service lumberyard and building component manufacturing facility in Spring Hill, and let our experienced construction professionals show you how Premier Building Supply can streamline and improve your building process—from engineered roof truss, floor truss and wall panel systems right down to the builder’s hardware you depend on for framing and more. Let us help you with calculations that you can trust, a quote that’s competitive and fair, and delivery options that will keep your work site and work force productive and on track. You can’t build without builder’s hardware.