The Importance of Setting Goals

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Planning the Pathway to Success

Whether you’re striving for success personally or professionally, setting goals is essential. When we think about reaching goals, we usually narrow our focus to ourselves because we see achievement as something we do on our own instead of with others.  

But what if we changed that mindset to collaborating to achieve set goals together? How would this mindset revolutionize the way we see others and how we do business? Keep reading to learn more about why setting goals is crucial to the pathway to success, how to set strong goals for achievement, and why goal collaboration is the new and improved way of thinking. 

Why is setting goals important? 

Setting goals is common practice in many organizations today because they motivate us and give us something to strive for.  

Here are a few reasons why setting goals is beneficial to our success: 

  1. Focus and direction. Setting goals helps you plan and stay on the track to success. If you know what you want to accomplish and when, you can decide exactly how and when you’ll do so and execute accordingly.  
  2. Evaluation. Goals also help you evaluate your progress. If you have a clear plan to succeed and reach your goals, it’s easy to step back and see if you’re on track or not.
  3. Progress. When you have a plan for achieving a goal, you can recognize if you’re progressing or not. If you’ve strayed from your plan or it’s not working, it’s time to re-think your plan and determine new actions. 

Goals help us focus on what we want and evaluate our progress. If you’re aiming to achieve, planning an actionable pathway to success is the right move for you.  

Tips for Setting Goals 

Setting goals for yourself and your organization is a key ingredient to success, but how do you ensure you’re setting strong goals? Here are a few tips for setting goals: 

  • Connect your goal to something bigger. Don’t just focus on the now! Focus on the future and create goals that contribute to something bigger like your company or future. 
  • Collaborate on big goals. Just like anything else in life, there will be some goals that require you to work with someone else or a group of people. Embrace the help and collaborate openly on bigger goals. 
  • Challenge yourself. Always challenge yourself to work harder and smarter. Don’t settle for an easily achievable goal. Set the bar high and don’t give up. 
  • Share your goals with others. Sharing doesn’t necessarily mean others have to participate in reaching your goal. Communicating your goals with loved ones or coworkers will help you get input and motivation from others. 

There’s no one perfect way to set goals. The way you set goals and motivate yourself for success will vary across different personalities. However, collaboration, setting the bar high, and thinking towards the future will always serve you well. 

Goal Collaboration 

You know what they say: collaboration is key. Believe it or not, this applies to setting goals too! In the wake of self-image and preservation, a new idea of group collaboration and goal setting is taking place. New studies show that it is more beneficial to employees to be able to view one another’s goals and help each other reach goals as a team.  

With goal transparency, all employees in every position and department can see how their coworkers’ goals align with the overall goals of the organization and decide together how they can achieve them. For example, if a sales manager tells his employees that his goal is to increase monthly sales by 15%, each salesperson or employee involved in the sales process can now own that goal and contribute to its success. This allows greater employee involvement, sense of purpose, and sense of accomplishment.  

Achieving Success Together at Premier Building Supply 

At Premier Building Supply, we don’t just operate as a team—we operate as a family too. All our employees and leadership take pride in setting clear goals for all employees, whether they’re personal or professional, and give them the resources to achieve success. 

To learn more about Premier and how you can develop your career with us, contact us today or stop by our location to talk with our team members. Build your career and look to the future with Premier.