White Siding with Black Trim: Exterior Design Trends

Make Your Home the Talk of the Block! 

In 2021, making a statement is trending. Homeowners are quickly jumping on the bandwagon of unique designs, bold colors, and personal tastes to make their home theirs.

In addition to interior design details, there are exterior design trends that are gaining traction and don’t show any signs of going away. One of the most popular residential trends right now is white siding with black trim—a bold statement with a timeless look. Here are a few ways you can accomplish the white and black trend while staying practical and wowing the neighborhood.

White Siding with Black Trim Ideas

Black and white may seem like you’re going back to the basics, but there are many ways to make this exterior design the talk of the block.

Wide Black Trim

Although a white home can look simple due to the dominance of such a neutral color, you can compliment clean white with bold trim. A great way to accentuate black trim is by using wide or oversized trim. Due to the size and color, all your windows will look larger and create a stunning aesthetic.

White Shingles

If you’re looking to revamp a historical house, this style might be the one for you. White or ivory shingles paired with black trim is just the right touch to keep a traditional look while adding a modern twist.

Traditional Accents

Some homeowners love the black and white trend while others are more hesitant. If you live in a community with a strict HOA, you might need to soften this aesthetic. One way to minimize the boldness of black trim is by adding a few natural accents such as wooden posts and beams or a brick wall or chimney.

Colored Front Door

On the other hand, a homeowner wanting to make a statement with a unique home exterior might love to add a pop of color. Front doors are the perfect place to do so with a brightly colored yellow or red door to act as the accent color and focal point. They make for a perfect complement to neutral colors that draws the eye.

Dark Roofing

For those who want to strictly stick to black and white design, we suggest using black or dark brown roofing. Although the two might seem similar in color, they offer different functions:

  1. Black roofing completes the black and white look, leaving you with a clean and consistent exterior; and
  2. Dark brown roofing makes for a cozier look, especially when paired with a warmer shade of white.

Regardless of which roof color you choose, these options are the way to go with a white siding and black trim home.

Black Gutters

This exterior design trend can turn dingy gutters into an accent piece for your home’s exterior. Painting your home’s gutters the same black as the trim acts as a striking way to break up the white siding. The contrast gives your home some pizzazz if the white is too overwhelming.

Help Your Home Go Bold with Premier Building Supply

The white siding with black trim look is here to stay. Hop on this design trend with the best siding, trim, windows, and doors for the best home on the block.

Whether you’re a developer with an eye for design, a contractor completing a remodel, or a homeowner with a dream, Premier Building Supply has the materials for you. At Premier, we offer everything you need to complete the black and white look including trim, siding, doors, and windows. To learn more about how our team can help you with your project, stop by our design center or give us a call today.