House frame against a bright blue sky

House Framing Essentials: A Terms Toolkit

  In new home construction, framing is the step where the house takes its shape. The frame offers the literal “framework” to build around, making it a crucial part of a home.  The vocabulary associated with a house frame’s parts can be hard to piece together if house framing isn’t your background. Here are a […]

Two workers assembling a truss

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Manufactured Components

Kansas City’s housing market is growing, and fast: residential building permits climbed 32.23% this year. As the Kansas City market blooms and lumber prices shift, the common concern in the building materials and construction industry is getting projects done on time with efficiency and high quality. This brings us to manufactured components, a growing trend […]

Creating a Culture of Safety in the Workplace: 5 Tips to Keep Your Employees Safe

Creating a culture of safety and providing a safe environment for your employees is possibly one of the most important aspects of running a business, especially when it comes to the building materials industry. Safety in the workplace must be valued, practiced, and sought after by everyone in your organization, regardless of their roles or […]

Shaking hands wearing work gloves

How Workplace Culture Works for You

Whether you’re looking for a job, starting a new one, or reevaluating your current position, it’s always important to prioritize workplace culture and values in your decision. Culture might sound like an overused word and it might even seem like the importance of culture is an overstatement when weighing it against salary. But the truth […]

Image of an open road in the American Midwest

The Importance of Setting Goals

Planning the Pathway to Success Whether you’re striving for success personally or professionally, setting goals is essential. When we think about reaching goals, we usually narrow our focus to ourselves because we see achievement as something we do on our own instead of with others.   But what if we changed that mindset to collaborating […]

7 Ideas to Deck Out Your Deck

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, homeowners had shifted their focus to create beautiful and personalized outdoor living spaces for entertainment, relaxation, and privacy. However, after the pandemic, the interest in outdoor living skyrocketed—building an outdoor oasis to retreat to after a day of working from home is the newest remodel trend, and it’s here to stay.   When building a new deck, […]

White Siding with Black Trim: Exterior Design Trends

Make Your Home the Talk of the Block!  In 2021, making a statement is trending. Homeowners are quickly jumping on the bandwagon of unique designs, bold colors, and personal tastes to make their home theirs. In addition to interior design details, there are exterior design trends that are gaining traction and don’t show any signs […]

Prefabricated Wood Trusses

Building with Prefabricated Wood Trusses: The Benefits

  When doing any project, every builder values quality and efficiency—especially with a build involving roof or floor truss. Wood trusses might seem old-fashioned since they’ve been around since the Middle Ages, but it seems as though they’re here to stay. Prefabricated wood trusses continue to rise in popularity, making up most of the residential […]

Hardwood vs Softwood

Choosing the Right Wood: Hardwood vs Softwood?

Softwoods, hardwoods, plywoods, MDF, chipboard… the list goes on. You know you have lots of options, but how do you decide which type of wood will best suit your project needs? There are two types of solid wood you can use: hardwood vs softwood. The difference lies in the name— hardwoods are physically harder than […]